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The remise/werkstatt für clownforschung opened in autumn 2018. It is a quirky personal space, nestled in the Lennéstraße courtyard, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Sanssoucci park in West Potsdam. The building, built in the 1800s, houses a renovated loft with space for workshops, an office, a wealth of costumes, and a complete kitchen. Welcome! Just come up the steps and give the horn a squeeze to announce your arrival!


The remise is a space for clown research. It is an open invitation to discover and explore the clown with the joy of play and improvisation. 


Angela Hopkins’ workshops are personal. Small groups of 8 adult participants offer a lot of space and time for the individual process. Clowns are spontaneous, open and warm. Our clowns have no plans and enjoy everything they bump into or come across - including failure! Theater clowning workshops are an opportunity to get a feeling for being on stage and experience the world of clowns.

The remise offers nosetonose deutschland a home and has an open door for inspiring clown, mask and theater workshops.