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hopkins/workshop for clown research is a small school for theater clowning.

It is an invitation to discover and explore with playfulness and improvisation. Theater clowning workshops for adults are an offer to bravely try out the stage and get to know the world of clowns. Clowns are spontaneous, open and heartfelt. They have no plans and enjoy everything that comes their way - including failure!

Your clown's personal journey begins with an introductory day -Clown In, followed by 5 stages that build on each other:

Clown 1- clown courage, Clown 2- clown curiosity, Clown 3- clown chaos, Clown 4- clown creations and Clown 5- clown contact.

Each level can be repeated multiple times, each time is unique!


Angela Hopkins, clown, is the founder of werkstatt für clownforschung, artistic director and host. Angela's clowning workshops are personal. Small groups of participants give plenty of space and time for individuals.


All workshops and events are in the German day they will be here too!


“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” Groucho Marx