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Clown In and Out


Friday 12th- Sunday 14th February

11am - 5pm with lunch break


This workshop with Joanna Bassi focuses on the questions of:

timing - when and how to strike a physical joke, and

comical identity - what is suitably funny to myself and how to reveal it to others?

The clown enables the most direct access to a few of the answers.


Joanna Bassi

Born into a traditional circus family,  Joanna Bassi learnt violin,  juggling, dance, acrobatics, and acting to finally become a clown. She has been involved in the performing arts since childhood, whether on stage, underneath, on the side or behind, she has coached, directed, performed, taught in multiple fields ranging from Music to Comedy and Drama. 


Joanna will be holding a lecture on Thursday 11th of February "About Clowns"  ...see events


Facilitator: Joanna Bassi

Language: English

Location: remise/werkstatt für clownforschung

Participants: 10

Cost: €200

Earlybirds (by 1. December 2020) / Students: €170


Booking - Spaces available!


Should you wish to cancel your booking, your course fee will be reimbursed, if a replacement participant is found for your spot. The course will take place when at least 6 participants have signed up. If the course is cancelled, your deposit will be refunded in full.

General Terms and Conditions