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Exploring your Clown (Stuttgart)


2021-fällt leider aus!

May 25th 2-5pm

May 26th-May 29th 10am-1pm/ 2-5pm

May 30th 10am-1pm


Clown it out! Exploring your clown


Have you had a taste of clowning and would like to dive deeper in the world of the clown? This course is a follow up to anyone having participated in an introductory course (10 hrs +) of theater clowning or anyone wishing to refresh their relationship with their clown.

We will connect to our playful spirit and the power of the present moment. The clown meets the world with curiosity and helps us step into the absurd, ridiculous and tragic without judgement. In theater clowning, we turn to the spirit of our inner clown to practice improvisational readiness. When we embrace paradox, confusion and our personal challenges, suddenly the impossible becomes possible. The clown schools us in the art of welcoming every gift life offers, especially our perfect mistakes.


Facilitators: Angela Hopkins & Catherine Bryden

Language: English / German

Location: Freie Hochschule Stuttgart - Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik to be confirmed!

Participants: 12

Cost: €425  (Deposit: €200)

Earlybird/Students: €375 till 1st of May


Booking - Spaces available!


Should you wish to cancel your booking, your course fee will be reimbursed, if a replacement participant is found for your spot. The course will take place when at least 6 participants have signed up. If the course is cancelled, your payment will be refunded in full.

General Terms and Conditions