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Since Jacques Lecoq first fanned the flames of theater clowning, there have been numerous documentations related to the theme, including an increasing number of graduate studies and books. 


Below are the most recent publications. For the more deeply curious, please contact either Angela Hopkins ( ) or Catherine Bryden ( ). 


Alternately, you can turn to the Bataclown FR website or the Nose to Nose UK



stay open! Textur Astrid Priebs-Tröger



das Unerwartete umarmen  Textur Astrid Priebs-Tröger



Clowning im Hier und Jetzt  Angela Hopkins

Mehr Du ist lustig T-Werk Potsdam


Scenario: The Art of Foreign Language Teaching (DE)

Erziehungskunst: Fremdsprachen und mehr


The Art of Foreign Language Teaching


Artikel: Relearning How to Play

Developing Artistry in Teaching: Lincoln Center Institute



More than clowning around

Dr. David Wheeler gives a GP’s view of clown improvisation workshops and tells how they have helped him to cope with the emotional workload of everyday consultations.



 Clowning and Clean Language Coaching in the Moment



Clowning at the Heart of Teaching, by Catherine Bryden Artikel: Humanising Language Teaching, Year 7, Issue 2, 2005


Clowning mit Vivian Gladwell Artikel: Phantasie in der Sprachlehrerausbildung?



Erzieungskunst Artikel: Clowning und Theater Schauspiel als Schulungsmittel in der Lehrerbildung