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Catherine (Montreal, Canada) discovered the magical mysterious world of theater clowning in Germany in 2001. This approach to life and living nurtures her deep love and fascination of people, play, relationships, community and above all, the stunning beauty of imperfection. She’s been submerged in teaching, communication and creative processes for over three fun filled decades on three continents: North America, Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China) and Europe. Catherine brings loving audacity and gentle chaos to workshops and the stage, in English, French and German.




Facilitator Nose to Nose Germany

As trained and accredited Nose to Nose facilitators, we are committed to inform our practice of teaching clowning from a person-centered approach to exploring the inner clown.  We stay true to this spirit of clowning by positively respecting each person’s creative process. It is our conviction that by focusing on an individual’s process, encouraging emotional expression, we get to the heart of working with the theater clown. In clowning, we support the search for authenticity, freeing the imagination and nurturing connection to oneself and others which in turn enriches both the social and personal dimensions of our lives.