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social clowning


Modern Court Jesters


Have you ever wished you could lighten up your general meetings, business events or conferences in an intelligent, relevant and entertaining way?


Invite us to come as “normal” guests (not as clowns). We mingle, listen, observe and participate in the workshops and presentations. Then, at agreed moments during the day, we reveal ourselves and offer a 5 to 10 minute skit to highlight and/or summarise the key thoughts and ideas living in the room, much as court jesters did in the Middle Ages. The performances might bring images to life, illustrate memorable moments or be live reflections or reviews. They offer a chance to relax and laugh!


We can also be invited to play out specific question that a group is working with. We can observe discussions, then play out questions hanging in the air. This can contribute to a chance to breathe and discover new perspectives.


Social clowns bring cheekiness, impertinence and gentle chaos. They name no names, cause no embarrassment, do not do slapstick, do not attempt to solve problems or conflict, nor to bring no judgement or moral evaluations. Social clowns play with living images, explore or relive touching moments, or present themes from a new perspective. They can help break through some of the social and institutional conventions and fears that weigh down communication. Our performances usually get people talking to each other, spark creativity, opening up new and creative ways of looking at your themes.




If you want to know more email   and we will be happy to talk with you.