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Moshe Cohen- Inner Clown



04. - 05. June 2022

10-17 hr


This workshop is for clowns who wish to explore their inner clown world. Using your personal sense of humor, your sense of fun and funny as a guide, define and map your clown world. Expand this universe through improvisation and ritual. It is an opportunity to define, deepen and expand your clowns’ non-verbal vocabulary-your emotional expression. Inviting humor and lightness into how the clown feels creates resonance and connection with the audience. Work with different levels of expression, from subtle elements of lightness to expansive exuberance.

Improve your clown’s awareness, authenticity, and your capacity to embody clown.

Based in Richard Pochinko’s (Canadian) clowning methods, the workshop pedagogy also integrates a large number of Asian principles and influences – Kyogen, Butoh, Taoist health exercises, Shintaido and Zen.

Requirements: A familiarity with your clown.


"He is an excellent guide for navigating the inner world and discovering emotional and expressive possibilities from sincerity and joy.”




About Moshe


Moshe Cohen, performing artist and sacred mischief maker, is an internationally renowned teacher, an early pioneer of the Clowns Without Borders movement, and co-founder of the Zen Order of Disorder (OD). He has performed his Mr. YooWho widely in theaters and festival around the world (all told, in over 50 countries.) Currently, he offers clown trainings to performers and tools of levity and lightfulness for the everyday and workplace environments. He teaches in clown and theater schools, spiritual and zen centers as well as with organizations of all stripes.

He began teaching Clown in 1993 at the San Francisco Circus Center. In 2001, Moshe started teaching Clowning Your Zen workshops with Roshi Bernie Glassman, shifting the focus from performing to levity and lightfulness, creating mindful, collaborative communication, and personal well-being.   His pedagogy continues to evolve, focusing on the principle that channeling humor and lightness asks an individual to source their worlds of joy, empathy and compassion thus strengthening and expanding human relationships and interactions.

Moshe has trained with some of the world’s most innovative and respected physical theater, clown, butoh and Zen teachers from Montreal, Paris and San Francisco, to Antwerp, Malerargues, Yokohama, and Kyoto. His formal artistic training includes Butoh Dance, Clown, Kyogen, Kabuki, Taoist Health Exercises, Closeup Magic, Juggling, Mime, Physical Theatre, Traditional Japanese Theatre and Voice.


Workshopleitung: Moshe Cohen

Sprache: Deutsch / Englisch

Ort: remise/werkstatt für clownforschung

Teilnehmer: 12


Kosten:  Plätze 1-3:  € 215  ausgebucht!

              Plätze 4-8:  € 225  ausgebucht!

              Plätze 9-12: € 245  ausgebucht!


Anmeldung - nur Warteliste


Bei Stornierung wird die Workshopgebühr zurückerstattet, wenn einen Ersatzteilnehmer gefunden wird. Der Workshop findet ab einer Mindestteilnehmerzahl von 6 Clowns statt. Für den Fall, dass der Workshop ausfällt, werden bereits bezahlte Beträge zurückerstattet.

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