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Angela Hopkins, clown, is the founder, artistic director and host for hopkins/workshop for clown research. Angela graduated with NosetoNose completing the facilitators training in London. Angela  holds clowning workshops and further education courses throughout Germany and internationally. Angela thrives in the spaces between cultures and languages, ideals and realities, the mundane and the absurd, tragic and comic. Clowning opened up the doors to all these inspiring worlds and more. Born in Bristol (UK), raised both in the UK and in Germany, shy by nature, mother of four, co-founder of Timeout a holistic farm for youth with special needs, Waldorf English teacher and project manager, Scottish touring cook, and clowning facilitator. The common threads in every aspect of her life are play, playfulness and joy.






In 2018/19 the idea came to me to create a one-woman-clownsolo "What`s love got to do with It?" .

A clown solo illustrated with life themes - a journey with a backpack and obstacles to overcome. What`s love got to do with it?

Always a “work in progress” with inspiration and improvisation - every performance lives from the potential of the moment.

Performed in March / Sept. 2019, February 2020 (Potsdam, T-Werk) 

Bookable on request.

​​Kulturblog: Angela`s Solo  What`s love got to do with it?




Facilitator with the nosetonose approach


As a trained and accredited facilitator of the nosetonose approach, I mediate and accompany each person's creative process by promoting their emotional expression, supporting the imagination and strengthening the clown's own relationship with the audience.
As I strive to focus on the individual, together we get to the heart of the work of theaterclowning, which is the search for authenticity in both the social and personal dimensions of our lives.


Angela has trained with Vivian Gladwell, Moshe Cohen, Avner Eisenberg, Peta Lily, Robyn Hambrook, Caroline Dream, Jon Davison, Richard Kimberley, Joanna Bassi, Yves Stöcklin, Tamala Clownschool,,Lunarclowning Robert McNeer, Mirco Trevisan, and Annemie Missine