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„the art of the clown consists of freeing ourselves from all roles except one- our own”


A.Simon  “La planète des clowns”


Clown research explores our humanity through clown. With laughter, tears and play-for professionals and amateurs-with audience and without-searching and exploring together what reveals itself living the clown spirit in this clown world.


Being a clown is a state of playfulness that invites us to experience a child-like naivety and vulnerability. The clown teaches us to be present at every moment and to savor this moment. He turns a fly into an elephant and magnifies everything that goes on inside and around him. Through eye contact, he is in constant relationship with his fellow players on stage and the audience. This approach to theater clowning is not a technique but a personal journey to our unique way of experiencing and expressing the clown's "jester freedom".

The red nose is the smallest mask in the world. Through our inner clown we experience qualities such as spontaneity and the joy of play. The clown within gives wings to our imagination, keeping both feet firmly on the ground.