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Alan Ward

Actor, Berlin


“What a fantastic experience this Introduction to Clowning Course was from nose to nose!

I didn’t know what to expect but was enjoyably surprised by the friendly and interesting way it was run.

Before we knew it we were experiencing a liberating mixture of simple but fun exercises that took us into the world of Theatre Clowning with interesting interactions between participants of all ages and backgrounds. 

As much a journey of self discovery as well as giving an understanding of the joy of improvisation and interaction with others.

Highly recommended if you want to just have some fun or learn a new craft and meet some like minded people.

Suited to both German and English speaking participants. ”


Hanno Paul

Art historian and circus teacher, Potsdam


"I was able to experience Angela at several workshops for circus teachers (clown & conflict), and her own courses in different formats. I have always enjoyed coming to refresh, purify and revitalize my inner household with her emotional yoga. With British grace, she created a warm and accepting atmosphere in all groups, a place in which we could grow inside and stretch far beyond ourselves. Every time she awakened a joy in us which deepened our ability to see one another with impartial eyes. We were given permission to experience the whole wealth of our emotional states, accept it with relish, laughing and cleansing, then exploring them in reflection. She competently created spaces in which learning was possible. Each day with Angela touched me, and I have been able to hear the echoes far and wide in my life. "


Claudia Hesse

Naturopath, Berlin


"What an absolute stroke of luck that the workshop for clown research was recommended to me. Angela has created a magical realm, an extraordinary floor, first a training room which naturally turns into a stage, a dance floor, space to relax, then a party room with a festive table. This is a place for anyone withing to discover or perfect their clown. Here, above all, you will find yourself, whom you can adorn with costumes, noses, hats, scarves, shoes, bags, and musical instruments. Her collection is a feast for the eyes. Clowning speaks to my longing to know myself. Angela makes it fun!"


Dr David Wheeler GP 

Training Programme Director, Greenwich


"I have attended a number of clown improvisation workshops where Angela was a facilitator and seen her own clown performances. She brings to her role as facilitator all the insight, empathy and sensitivity of her clown. The workshops are fun and as a participant I felt well supported to enjoy discovering my own "clown within" in all its vulnerability and emotional expression. It's well worth the journey to Postdam to join one of Angela's workshops!"


Andrea Brose

Actress and clinical clown, Potsdam


"...both the place (remise) and Angela`s passion for clown research have inspired, stirred and touched my heart. I can only recommend her work to everyone who wants to get to know and research his clown, whether as a professional or a lay person. Such happy times in such a beautiful place ..... "


Ines, Potsdam


"Discovering and exploring my clown with Angela provided a name for an important inner aspect of myself; a home, the feeling of having arrived. For me, clowning means the mindful, consistent way in which Angela clowning lives and in being in the present moment. This involves expressing oneself, attentive and concentrated, deepening oneself, perceiving the game and letting go. The surprises about yourself and the others, the overwhelming laughter, laughter, laughter, feeling everything that there is to feel, liberates and purifies soul and body, touching you and making you happy: Thank you Angela. "


Mitja Kraugmann

Special education / curative education

Trauma pedagogy and trauma-centered specialist advice (DeGPT), Witten


"I have already been able to take part in clown courses several times. Angela Hopkin’s courses greatly enriched the program in trauma pedagogy at the Institute for Waldorf Education. Through her experience, she created a space for learning and encountering oneself and the other, through the joy of playing. This playfulness was characterized by mindfulness, compassion and humor, qualities, which represent essential resources in trauma pedagogical work. "


Dagmar Diestel

Foreign language lecturer, Hamburg


"Angela easily introduces an international audience to the world of clowning through her fluent German and English skills. She adds liveliness, good cheer and British humour to these abilities, which carries budding clowns. With her warm-hearted and open manner, she creates a protected space and a safe atmosphere in which even a shy clown feels safe.

Whether it's the warm-ups or the first steps with a hat and a red nose on the other side of the rope, the stage, Angela professionally opens up a treasure chest of possibilities and ways to get to know the art of improv playing and yourself. Every participant goes home with a wealth of experience, and often a firm resolve to come back and carry on.  I have not only benefited professionally from these many courses (at least seven), but also personally and socially. "