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Clown 1-clown courage -Spring Clown School- Residential 2024


Freitag 05-Mittwoch 10.April 2024  


Freitag 18 Uhr- Mittwoch 14 Uhr


Clown 1- clown courage-Spring Clown School


clown courage ist der Einstieg in die Welt der Clowns, eine Einladung in das Unbekannte zu schreiten und deinen eigenen, einzigartigen Clown zu erforschen. Dieses ist eine Herzensangelegenheit und bedarf Mut. Courage!

Ein offener, wahrnehmender Blick prägt die Lebenshaltung des Clowns. Mit liebevoller Neugier erlebt er die Vielfalt menschlicher Begegnungen. Da er in der magischen Welt des Augenblicks lebt, ist der Clown völlig von Kleinigkeiten eingenommen, heißt alles, was ist, willkommen. Indem er poetische oder katastrophale Abenteuer auf der Bühne erlebt, kitzelt er unsere Lachmuskeln!                                                                                                                        

Die Naivität des Clowns lädt uns ein, die Welt neu zu entdecken, indem wir ihr ohne Vorurteile oder Pläne begegnen. Wie gerne behalten wir die Kontrolle! Jetzt aber dürfen wir loslassen...                                                                                

Die rote Nase verändert den Spielenden und gibt der Kreativität Raum, verleiht unserer Vorstellungskraft Flügel. Mit „der kleinsten Maske der Welt“ kann er sich zugleich zeigen, verbergen, und sich an die Spontaneität hingeben. 


Theatertechniken und -Übungen sowie Improvisationen nehmen Körpersprache und emotionalen Ausdruck in den Fokus und laden ein, Begegnungen im Spiel humorvoller, menschlicher und freudiger zu erleben. Auf das Wesentliche reduziert ist es möglich, sich in einer warmen, wertschätzenden Atmosphäre zu entdecken und zu zeigen.

Eine herzliche Einladung “to the world of Clown...light days of fun, letting go and freeing up!“


This workshop will be held in easy-to-follow-English 


Clown 1 - clown courage - is the entry into the world of clowns, an invitation to step into the unknown and explore your own, unique clown. This is a matter of the heart and requires courage! 
An open, perceptive look shapes the clown's attitude to life. He experiences the diversity of human encounters with loving curiosity. Living in the magical world of the moment, clowns are completely absorbed in all little details and welcome everything that comes their way. By experiencing poetic or catastrophic adventures on stage, they tickles our funny bones! The naivety of the clown invites us to rediscover the world by approaching it without prejudices or plans. Oh, how we like to stay in control! But now we can let go.... 

The red nose transforms the player and gives space for creativity and wings to our imagination. With “the smallest mask in the world” the clown can show himself, hide and indulge in spontaneity all at the same time.

Theater techniques and exercises as well as improvisations take body language and emotional expression into focus and invite you to experience encounters in play in a more humorous, humane and joyful way.
Reduced to the essentials, it is possible to discover and show yourself in a warm, appreciative atmosphere.
A warm invitation “to the world of clown...light days of fun, letting go and freeing up!”


Where we will be.....


Close to the Danish border, at the narrowest point to the North and Baltic Seas. Schleswig and its surroundings have many cultural and nature experiences to offer. Tracing the Viking`s footsteps in Haithabu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We will be staying at Klöndeel, a former farmhouse located in the small village of Loopstedt near Schleswig. Simple and loving furnishings and a large outdoor grounds will be our home.

The Klöndeel Association has existed since 1978 and is a non-profit organisation.

It is located in the middle of the nature reserve of the Haddebyer Noor. The immediate area is characterized by the Noor, an inland lake-like continuation of the Schlei, with belts of swamps and reeds, hills formed by the Ice Age and pastures of the farms.

The steep bank of the Haddebyer Noor has a deepening at this point and gives access to the water. The outdoor area with a sports and play area, numerous hedgerows and old trees, a small alder forest and an orchard meadow extends to the water and offers its own small sandy beach on the shore. On the other bank of the Noor, across from our bathing area, lies the famous Viking settlement of Haithabu. It can be reached on foot in about an hour.


Full board includes:

Shuttle from and to Bus to Schleswig Station arrival/depature. 

Clowning Workshop 10am - 6pm, first day starting evening, last day finishing at lunch.

Continental breakfast/daily organic main meal/evening meal



Individual arrival

From 6pm, latest 7pm on Friday 5th April.2024


Wednesday, 10th April 2024 after lunch


Facilitators: Angela Hopkins+Carol Thompson

Sprache: Englisch / Deutsch

Venue: Seminar- und Gruppenhaus Klöndeel

             Klöndeel Begegnungsstätte e.V.

             Noorweg 15

             24857 Loopstedt

Participants: 14


Platz 1 Einzelzimmer "Schmetterling“, geteiltes Bad 500 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 2 Einzelzimmer "Krähe“ geteiltes Bad 500 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 3 Einzelzimmer "Specht“ geteiltes Bad 500 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 4 Einzelzimmer „Marienkäfer“ geteiltes Bad 500 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 5 Zweibettzimmer "Maulwurf" geteiltes Bad 450 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 6 Zweibettzimmer "Maulwurf" geteiltes Bad 450 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 7 Zweibettzimmer "Igel" geteiltes Bad 450 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 8 Zweibettzimmer "Igel" geteiltes Bad 450 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 9 Dreibettzimmer "Maus“ geteiltes Bad 400 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 10 Dreibettzimmer "Maus“ geteiltes Bad 400 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr -booked!

Platz 11 Dreibettzimmer "Maus“ geteiltes Bad 400 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr fully booked

Platz 12 Dreibettzimmer Mannslüüd "Fledermaus", Bad en-Suite 450 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!

Platz 13 Dreibettzimmer Mannslüüd "Fledermaus" Bad en-Suite 450 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr

Platz 14 Dreibettzimmer Mannslüüd "Fledermaus", Bad en-Suite 450 € + 485 € Workshopgebühr-booked!


When you book, you will receive an invoice for the workshop fee to save your space.

Accomodation/full board will be invoiced before the workshop begins.

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Co-facilitator Carol Thompson

Carol’s training was in English and Theatre Arts at the University of Toronto and the Drama Studio in London. She worked in Education and Theatre for some years and then qualified to be a Psychosynthesis therapeutic counsellor and an NLP Master Practitioner. Carol took these skills into business in the private and public sectors as a Communication Skills Trainer. In recent years she has become involved in the positive psychology movement as a Laughter Leader and now a Clowning Facilitator, combining her interests in education, theatre and psychology.