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Clown 3-clown chaos-Autumn Clown School-Residential 2024

Clown Chaos

Saturday 26th October-Thursday 31st October 2024

Saturday beginning 6pm- Thursday ending 2pm



Hast du Clown 1 und 2 abgeschlossen? Dann lese weiter, die Clownforschung wird hier fortgesetzt....


Clown 3, clown chaos, feiert Fehler und Probleme und lädt freudige Chaos auf der Bühne ein!

Die Kunst besteht darin, auf der Bühne sich den Moment und den Spielpartner anzuvertrauen, die freiwerdende Energie in der Spielfreude und  raumgreifende Bewegung durch das loslassen der Kontrolle zu entdecken.
Wir heißen unsere Schatten und Unzulänglichkeiten willkommen, lernen "perfectly imperfect" zu sein! 
Clown Chaos legt den Schwerpunkt auf theatralische und improvisatorische Techniken, Impros werden nochmals aufgegriffen, um als Spieler weniger vertraute und / oder komfortablen Bereiche zu erkunden.


This workshop will be held in easy-to-follow-English.


Have you completed Clown 1 and 2? Then read on, this is a further step to researching clown....

Clown 3, Clown Chaos, celebrates mistakes and problems and invites joyful chaos on stage!

The art is to trust in the moment and in your partners on stage, to discover the energy released in the joy of play and in the expansive movement on stage by letting go of control. We welcome our shadows and imperfections, learn to be “perfectly imperfect”!
clown chaos places emphasis on theatrical and impro techniques, revisiting improvisations to explore less familiar and/or comfortable areas as a player.


Close to the Danish border, at the narrowest point to the North and Baltic Seas. Schleswig and its surroundings have many cultural and nature experiences to offer. Tracing the Viking`s footsteps in Haithabu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We will be staying at Klöndeel, a former farmhouse located in the small village of Loopstedt near Schleswig. Simple furnishing and a large outdoor grounds will be our home.

The Klöndeel Association has existed since 1978 and is a non-profit organisation.

It is located in the middle of the nature reserve of the Haddebyer Noor. The immediate area is characterized by the Noor, an inland lake-like continuation of the Schlei, with belts of swamps and reeds, hills formed by the Ice Age and pastures of the farms.

The steep bank of the Haddebyer Noor has a deepening at this point and gives access to the water.

The outdoor area with a sports and play area, numerous hedgerows and old trees, a small alder forest and an orchard meadow extends to the water and offers its own small sandy beach on the shore. On the other bank of the Noor, across from our bathing area, lies the famous Viking settlement of Haithabu. It can be reached on foot in about an hour.


Full board includes:

Shuttle from and to Bus to Schleswig Station arrival/depature

Clowning Workshop 10am - 6pm, first day starting evening, last day finishing at lunch.

Continental breakfast/daily organic main meal/evening meal



Individual arrival

From 6pm, latest 7pm on Saturday  26th October.2024


Thursday, 31st October 2024 after lunch


Facilitators: Angela Hopkins+Sinikka Lumiluoto

Sprache: Englisch / Deutsch

Venue: Seminar- und Gruppenhaus Klöndeel

             Klöndeel Begegnungsstätte e.V.

             Noorweg 15

             24857 Loopstedt


Participants: 14


Platz 1 single room "Schmetterling", shared bathroom  €500  + €485 workshop fee -booked! 

Platz 2 single room "Krähe" shared bathroom  €500 + €485 workshop fee-booked!  

Platz 3 single room "Specht" shared bathroom  €500 + €485 workshop fee -booked! 

Platz 4 single room "Marienkäfer" shared bathroom €500 + €485 workshop fee -booked! 

Platz 5 twin room en-suite "Fledermaus" €500 + 485 workshop fee

Platz 6 twin room en-suite "Fledermaus" €500 + 485 workshop fee 

Platz 7 twin room "Maulwurf" shared bathroom  €450 + €485 workshop fee

Platz 8 twin room "Maulwurf" shared bathroom  €450 + €485 workshop fee 

Platz 9 twin room "Igel" shared bathroom  €450 + €485 workshop fee

Platz 10 twin room "Igel" shared bathroom  €450 + €485 workshop fee

Platz 11 twin room  "Maus" shared bathroom €450 + €485 workshop fee 

Platz 12 twin room  "Maus" shared bathroom €450 + €485 workshop fee 

Platz 13 twin men's room en-suite "Eichhörnchen"  €450 + €485 workshop fee 

Platz 14 twin men's room en-suite "Eichhörnchen"  €450 + €485 workshop fee 



When you book, you will receive an invoice for the workshop fee to save your space.

Accomodation/full board will be invoiced before the workshop begins.

Click below to book your space!


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Sinikka Lumiluoto


Sinikka Lumiluoto has studied physical theatre and clowning in Italy, UK, NZ and Finland. She performs in solo, duo and group acts and has also directed performances. Sinikka is inspired to take theatre clowning to new and surprising places and contexts. Teaching clowning she finds fascinating - encounters of wonderfully different clowns, sharing moments of joy, searching and insights.