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Spring and Autumn Clown School

clown 1-clown courage


clown 1-clown courage is the entry into the world of clowns, an invitation to step into the unknown and explore your own, unique clown. This is a matter of the heart and requires courage. Clown Courage! An open, perceptive look shapes the clown's attitude to life. He experiences the diversity of human encounters with loving curiosity. Living in the magical world of the moment, the clown is completely absorbed in the little things and welcomes everything that is present. By experiencing poetic or catastrophic adventures on stage, he tickles our funny bones! The naivety of the clown invites us to rediscover the world by approaching it without prejudices or plans. How we like to stay in control! But now we can let go…

The red nose changes the player and gives space to creativity and wings to our imagination. With “the smallest mask in the world” he can show himself, hide himself and indulge in spontaneity at the same time. Theater techniques and exercises as well as improvisations focus on body language and emotional expression and invite you to experience playful encounters in a more humorous, humane and joyful way. Reduced to the essentials, it is possible to discover and show yourself in a warm, appreciative atmosphere.

An invitation “to the world of clown...light days of fun, letting go and freeing up!”


clown 2-clown curiosity


clown 2-clown curiosity focuses on social structures and relationships. After your own clown was discovered and visible in Clown 1, this second workshop invites you to expand your relationship with yourself, your playing partner and the space. With loving curiosity, "clown curiosity" is practiced on stage to respond more to the partner and the audience as well as to the images, stories and characters that arise during an improvisation. "Don't be interesting, be interested!"

How can we still preserve and live out our own impulses and freedom when working together? New structures and improvisation topics bring greater challenges and require more precision in the improvisations. The joy of play is teased out!


clown 3 -clown chaos


clown 3 - clown chaos, celebrates mistakes and problems and invites joyful chaos on stage! The art is to confide in the moment and your playing partner on stage, to discover the energy released in the joy of playing and expansive movement by letting go of control. We welcome our shadows and imperfections, learn to be “perfectly imperfect”! clown chaos focuses on theatrical and improvisational techniques, revisiting improvisations to explore less familiar and/or comfortable areas as a player.


clown 4-clown creations


clown 4-clown creations is the fourth of five levels and focuses on performance. Small scenes and improvisations on stage provide a basis for learning through play. Why is that so funny? What makes us laugh? How does the audience react and what does it do to me?! Stage performances are reflected on and viewed constructively. Where is my clown most present? How do I get my joy of playing? When will there be a spark between me and the audience? A wonderful workshop to practice listening as a clown. Itself. The playing partner. The public. Look at us! 

This workshop will include several small public appearances.


clown 5-clown contact


clown 5-clown contact is the art of addressing the personal and social concerns of our lives. In this workshop we use words, language and emotional expressions, as well as the body, voice and gestures.

Our golden rule: Never hurt yourself or others and don't break anything!

Techniques similar to those of the court jester are developed and researched. An invitation to develop the creativity within us. We learn to reflect social, symbolic and archetypal references, to deal with contrasts between wisdom and absurdity, between light and shadow, as well as to parody power games and struggles. Warm-heartedness and loving curiosity are always present. In the game, clowns bring human feeling back to the center of life. clown contact can brighten up meetings, business events or conferences in a smart, relevant and entertaining way.

Clowns get involved, listen, observe and take part and playfully reproduce the experience in improvisation. They bring sass, boldness and gentle chaos to disrupt social customs and fears that prevent communication. clown contact enables new and creative ideas.