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the activist clown - weekend workshop with Robyn Hambrook

the activist clown

Saturday and Sunday 20th-21st August 2022

10-17 Uhr 



Need the antidote to these overwhelming times?

Join Robyn Hambrook for experiments in mischief and resistance in this weekend workshop exploring the playfulness, wisdom and transformational power of the clown.

“We are clowns because what else can one be in such a stupid world” CIRCA 2006

Playing in the spaces between clowning, spectacle, ritual and activism, a chance to explore the clown as shaman and trickster, who heals and critiques through disruption.

Participants will develop skills in rebel clowning; a radical performative and regenerative form that allows participants the chance to explore political, social and environmental issues through parody, humour and play. We also draw on ensemble work, movement & butoh, bouffon and street theatre to enrich our creative expression and embody our rage, grief and hope in these dark times.

This is a physical workshop and an embodied practice that includes improvisations, play, flow, meditation, discussion and reflection.

The clown is a powerful tool for resistance. Their power derives in part from the unique place they occupy – a liminal space, on the fringes, a commentator, a rebel, a soothsayer, able to resist social conventions and hold a mirror up to society’s absurd mechanisms. Come and explore the clown’s regenerative and empowering potential.

Who is this for?

This is for clowns, physical performers, dancers, musicians, visual artists, street performers and political activists and the curious. Anyone interested in exploring new forms of creative activism or expanding their understanding of clowning as a form of political expression.


 "Robyn's unique blend of directing and shaping play through quick wit and caring yet urgent tone - that sets tone and pace beautifully." Participant, 'The Activist Clown Weekend'

★ “A workshop in standing up to power using humour and subversion. A whole new angle on non-violent resistance.“ Participant, ‘The Activist Clown Toolkit’

 "Thank you so much. Your clown coaching is very helpful because it is honest and direct. I thought the weekend was great and I am inspired to wear a red nose again" Participant, 'The Activist Clown Weekend'



Facilitator: Robyn Hambrook

Language: Englisch

Venue: remise/werkstatt für clownforschung

Participants: minimum 8 maximum 12

Costs: € 175  


Booking - fully booked, waiting list only!


Should you wish to cancel your booking, your course fee will be reimbursed, if a replacement participant is found for your spot. The course will take place when at least 8 participants have signed up. If the course is cancelled, your payment will be refunded in full.

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Robyn Hambrook is a Bristol-based director, teacher and performer. With over 20 years experience she is passionate practitioner of clowning, physical theatre, circus and street arts. She has a MA in Circus Directing and a Diploma of Physical Theatre Practice as well long line of inspiring teachers including Holly Stoppit, Peta Lily, Giovanni Fusetti, Jon Davison, Zuma Puma, Deanna Fleysha and Maggie Irving.

Over the past four years she has been exploring the meeting point of her two passions in her Masters Research ‘Small Circus Acts of Resistance’, on the streets and in protest with the Bristol Rebel Clowns and in research residencies with The Trickster Laboratory. Robyn’s Activist Clown research has led to collaborations with Jay Jordan (Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, France), Clown Me In (Beirut), LM Bogad (US), Hilary Ramsden (Greece) and international Tricksters; ‘The Yes Men’.

With this drive to explore political edges of her work she has also dived back into the world of the Bouffon; training with Jaime Mears, Eric Davis, Nathaniel Justiniano, Tim Licata, Al Seed and the grand master Bouffon-himself; Philippe Gaulier.